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Colombian Gold Amuletos

Astonishing, Abstract Symbolic, Pre-Colombian Gold Jewelry

Abstract Symbolism is employed by a jeweler who wishes to inspire the wearer of a piece of their jewelry with an emotion, word, life form or just nature itself to represent a deep, soulful, human feeling or mantra. They evoke a strong, bonding and protective power, cherished by the individual wearing the piece. Think of a star, a skull, a firefly, a pattern of bark a perfect, round, never-ending, wedding band. Each may draw on a life experience, a memory or even a special person to offer the wearer of the piece comfort, confidence, or a special memory.

These are mystical and truly one of a kind pieces or Amuletos (in English – Amulets) for us to use as cherished, and nurturing icons in our own lives.  There is only one of each Amuleto available, so please keep your shopping urgency level at high!


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Art, you hear me, art!

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso 

I have loved this quote really since I was a child.  I thought that only prayers, church, and a confession were the only way to clean my soul.  I was exhilarated to know that art could too.  Art has washed my heart, my soul, and my mind clean so many times in my 51 years that I understand the blessing that it is for humankind.  When corporate jobs, exhausting travel, the cruelty of life human nature or grief and despair entombed my soul; art helped me pull myself up and feel proud to be on earth again.  Grounded and inspired to carry on to make a better day.  I have lived in 18 cities and 4 countries in my life and the first thing I always search out is the nearest Art Museum.  Sanctuary from the big, scary world, a travel back in time, comfort from the beauty or amazement for the process, the detail the brush stroke of a painting, the glaze on a ceramic piece, the age of a carving, the delicate fluidity of a sculpture, or moment captured in time in a beautiful photograph.

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I have had the unique experience of working with many celebrity athletes, actors, artists,  designers, bands and vocalists in my career.   Some have honestly been stressful or challenging situations, some have been very fruitful and professional and other have become lifelong...
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