Colombian Gold Amuletos

Colombian Gold Amuletos

Astonishing, Abstract Symbolic, Pre-Colombian Gold Jewelry

Silver and gold metalworking began, thrived, and artistically soared in the South American, coastal lands, and fertile valleys connecting through the Andes Mountains at a time that is known by scholars - as the Pre-Colombian Period of human and artistic evolution.  This period of time occurred in South and Mesoamerica before Columbus first landed and “claimed” the Americas for Queen of Spain. Metalwork in silver and gold first appeared in limited use around 900 BCE in coastal South America and continued to advance in design and production techniques gifting the indigenous people of the region, and the time with silver and gold, highly meaningful, and symbolic, cultural icons of utilitarian items such as weapons, and agricultural tools, as well as ritualistic jewelry. Later, the people of North Coastal Peru were especially known for a high degree of competence in metallurgy from 900 CE to 1400 CE.  They produced large quantities of gold and silver figurines, ceremonial knives, plates, bowls and, mugs; many decorated with symbols of precious life emotions and fine abstract symbolic designs of gods, animals and mythical creatures. These people evolved into the great Inca Civilization that flourished from 1400 CE to about 1535 CE.  Their goldsmithing, jewelry art, and gold & silver sculpture with its strong, and beautiful, abstract symbolic, style took metallurgy to the heights of truly, fine art. The Incas acquired their great wealth with these artistic works of pure silver and gold. The Spaniards were shocked and beguiled to come across the beautiful and highly evolved culture, art, and abundance of the Incas. They thus, conquered the Inca people, their culture, their land, and of course their treasures of art, gold, silver, precious stones and, jewelry. This helped to make Spain the wealthiest country in the world with the largest global empire. Thankfully, the culture, art and, traditions of the Incas, and so many other indigenous peoples survived in the talents, minds and, hearts of each culture to be preserved, handed down generation to generation, and shared in collections like this to this very day. These are mystical and truly one of a kind pieces or Amuletos (in English – Amulets) for us to use as cherished, and nurturing icons in our own lives.  There is only one of each Amuleto available, so please keep your shopping urgency level at high!

Home to Nest is so pleased to be able to offer this stunning, and very exclusive, collection of precious, silver, and gold Colombian, abstract symbolic, jewelry.  This collection is curated by my dear friend Elizabeth Salem, who hand-selected each piece in Colombia, South America (a country we both love).  As always at H2N the value, quality, and craftsmanship of this jewelry is incomparable, limited edition and comes at unbelievably affordable prices.  Elizabeth and I have been friends via the NY fashion and beauty community for almost 20 years. I met her through my brilliant, and genius friend (as well as Elizabeth’s husband) Bob Salem.  She and Bob are icons of the creative community of NYC and Worldwide.

Peace and Love Always – Brian and Steven Fox and the H2N Family

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