"Shirley & Kathy" Luxury Bling

R - L : Vince Neil, Shirley Wharton, Kathy Sindelar, Brian Fox

“Shirley & Kathy” Luxury Bling to fight Pancreatic Cancer!

So we did take a hiatus this summer from Home to Nest. Steven and I sadly lost our dear sister, Kathy Sindelar and our dear brother-in-law, Mike Cooper to cancer. Vince and Rain lost Vince's sweet mother, Shirley Wharton to cancer and close, family friend, Robin Leach to complications after a stroke. All four of us helped each other through the grief and took time to really be with each of these wonderful people before they passed. Being a family company - we all agreed to "put family first". Now it is time to celebrate our loved ones in our work at Home to Nest. So - we are launching a new jewelry line called "Shirley & Kathy". They both loved bling and 5% of all purchases on their new featured H2N Jewelry Page will go to help fund researchers at Pancreatic Action Network. www.pancan.org, #hometonest, #pancreaticcancer, #jewlery, #bling, #holidaygifts, #presents Watch for the Bling - it's blinding!✌️❤️

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