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Avifauna means the birds of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.  These featured birds roam freely in "Our Loveland Nest".  It is no surprise we love nests, birds and precious, bird eggs at Home to Nest.  They are our "Fowl Fetish"!  Why birds and all things aviary?  They bring a colorful, gentle sense of nature to every room of your home.  Birds also help us reflect on the intense, natural, beauty of our world and live in a moment of appreciation for our blessings in life.  In meditation, this is called mindfulness. Birds are diverse, delicate and peaceful; all things we aspire to be in our modern, stressful society.  David Creswell, an associate professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, says that even though it’s not meditation, watching birds does count as mindfulness. “A lot of times we think about mindfulness or mindfulness meditation as really going deep and knowing yourself," he says, "but really it’s about fostering awareness and open receptivity to your experience."  Try it out and watch some birds right in your home!
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