"What the world needs now is love sweet love!" - Burt Bacharach

A Special Valentine and Special Savings for Our Beloved Clients!

Whether Brexit in the UK or the Government Shutdown in the US is hitting your budget hard or just scaring you not to spend savings; we understand, we are just as scared and worried as you.  My Mother and Father taught me some amazing lessons while raising a family of 9 children during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and yes 1980s.  One of these lessons was never let anyone see you worried - especially about money.  Somehow we all went to private school, had cars as teenagers and new clothes every Sunday for church and every semester for school.  My Father worked as an accountant for the Milwaukee School Board Full Time and at night as a Personal and Tax Account.  My mother raised all of us cooked a homemade meal, served every night at 5:30 PM sharp for 11-16 people each night.  (We always had dinner guests).  My Mother was also worked very hard selling Shaklee Products out of our home. Neither of them ever made us feel worried or in want.  They barely ever cracked under pressure; only spoke about money in Polish, not English in front of us - so we could not understand what fears they faced, and always had a second mortgage on our home.  This is the America and the World I grew up in and I feel so blessed for this.  Times are not are certain these days, information is global and easily at hand and many, many people of this world are confused, scared and struggling at this time and not just in the US or the UK, but in South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabi, Turkey, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, and Poland - just to mention a few.

Our Team at Home to Nest decided we wanted to do something special for our clients, shoppers, and supporters - thus we introduce the Valentine’s Day “Shutdown” Sale.  We hope you can see we want you to be able to show your love to your family or life partner via our deep deals and discounts and special offers.  We care about the world, we care about you our customer and friends and we care about love.  We need love more in this world than we have since WW II.  We send our special love and global comradery to all of you!  Love, Love, Love - Please just Love!  It is what we all need so desperately now.

✌🏼❤️ Brian, Steven, Rain, Vince, Cathy, Ed, Stephanie, Tommy, and Colton!

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