SFI© Hypnotic Home Hardware© - Sell Out Sale!

Unique hardware in a plain, white or off white room can truly, by itself, change the appearance of the room dramatically, affect the way you feel about that room, enjoy working and living it, and just how much you love sanctuary.  It is rather magical.  I remember when I first met my husband, Steven, and we moved into our first apartment together in San Francisco.  It was a humble, simple, large Studio Apartment for $2,500 a month in 1997 San Francisco. That is right! I bet today it is $5K a month.  I was not totally in love with it, and then one day when I came home from an 8-day business trip, I stood in a state of shock as I walked into the apartment.  Steven made it an absolute showplace - in which embroidered pillows, hand-made silk tassels, and velvet fringed throws from Italy, linens, rugs, and towels from Turkey, blue and white china, ginger jars, and porcelain from England, France and Italy, a weathered farmhouse table and benches from Napa, and silk, cane back occasional chairs that looked like they came out of Versailles were all perfect assembled and fit together to create a visual masterpiece. I was speechless and knew I wanted to live in the beauty that Steven Fox created all my life.  As my eyes adjusted to the gleaming, mix of jewel tones of the decor, the hardware on all the built-in draws, doors and cabinets popped out. A mix of different pieces in size and texture that were elegant, eclectic, and fun to pull, touch and use daily.  This hardware created the real "bones" of the 1920 whitewashed walls, woodwork and built-ins. To this day, 4 countries and 18 cities, and about 24 apartments and homes hardware is still Steven's first decision to set the mood of the decor.  Take a tip from my "Fabulous Mr. Fox" and shop the custom pieces Steven has chosen for this new home hardware collection.