Heavy Metal Harry©

Heavy Metal Harry© is a series of books by Paul Fessock that profiles characters who are strong role models for children. Harry is befriended by “Mr. Socks,©” another of Fessock’s creations. Together, these characters show children mechanisms to cope with stress and anxiety in uncomfortable situations and the power of friendship.

Fessock, the creator of Heavy Metal Harry©, is an elementary school teacher and owner of World of Rock Music in Summit, NJ.  Fessock is also the producer and host of Mr. Socks’ World of Rock©, a YouTube Channel that informs and inspires children, offering a fun-filled, effective method of entertaining lessons in a fast-paced musical environment, promoting fun and educational experience for the entire family.

Fessock continues to follow his heart and is using his talents to evoke change in the world through music.

“Kids are strong, but sometimes they need to be shown that it’s okay to have the feelings they are having--that being uncomfortable in a situation is not always a bad thing,” Fessock said. “As a teacher, in my elementary school gym classes, I have been able to observe the dynamics between children and created these characters to address the perceived needs they have. Kids can relate to Mr. Socks©, and they find Harry pretty cool.”