SFI© Summer Celebration Sale

It's like living in a light bulb, with the leaves
Like filaments and the sky a shell of thin, transparent glass
Enclosing the late heaven of a summer day, a canopy
Of incandescent blue above the dappled sunlight golden
on the grass...

- Excerpt from the poem Sally's Hair by John Koethe

Celebrate the bright sunshine of summer and the way it transforms not just your garden but the interior and the decor of your home. H2N will be consistently adding new artisan and luxury items at incredible prices to this bright summer decorator accents sale as part of our World Retail Therapy Sale.

This special sale on our luxury, artisan goods is truly a heartfelt thank you to all our clients and fans who shop H2N. We aspire to make this time of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, & Social Unrest & Inequality less stressful for all of you and your bank accounts. This is our opportunity to show our gratitude to you, our valued clients, and fans with a bit of fun, fashion, and decor at prices that will really take your mind off COVID 19, the politicians and the media.