Steven Fox Interiors© Design Finds

Steven Fox Interiors© has always been the ground upon which Home to Nest was built.  Twenty-Five years of interior design experience and many custom decorator shops all over the USA have made Steven Fox an interior decor home and garden decor sourcing master.  Home to Nest© and Steven have established themselves as go-to expert boutiques with professional design services for home-owners and decorator connoisseurs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, New York City, Connecticut, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, and now Cincinnati, Ohio.  Home to Nest© features one of a kind globally sourced furniture, candleholders, lanterns, candles, lighting, home fragrance, picture frames, mirrors, linens, draperies, bedding, rugs, pillows, throws, Turkish towels, artisan hardware, satin floor cushions, tassels, glassware, tableware, china, flatware, silver, brass, and pewter decorator accessories, vases, ginger jars, florals, and exotic antiques from all over the world.  You will always find silks, brocades, cloisonné, rosewood, ebony, mother of pearl, gold and silver leaf, satin, super-soft combed cotton, linen, rattan, wicker, and even recycled steel in Steven's eclectic inventory.  We have spent our 23 years of marriage together finding and building all our global sourcing relationships with the artist, artisan, and craftspeople around the world. This Collection will always feature amazing sales on luxury pieces of home and garden decor at prices you will absolutely not find anywhere else.  Save your time and money and stop picking through the overstocked shelves and disorderly piles of "knock-off" luxury and last year’s decorator trends at discount furniture and accessory stores like HomeGoods©, T.J. Maxx©, and Tuesday Morning©.  Come home to nest and shop civilized like valued customers should be treated on "A Marketplace on a Cloud©".  Retail shops are going away due to high overhead and thus high retail costs to cover that overhead.  Home to Nest© is here now to shine a fresh new light on your home decor.