Vince's Heavy Metal Heart©

Vince has a beautiful Heavy Metal Heart©.  He loves deeply.  He loves privately.  He loves shyly. This new logo is dedicated to Vince’s Heart. He is a Heavy Metal God, who "Shouts at the Devil©" on stage and loves pyrotechnics, giant pentagrams, skulls, and tight leather.  That doesn’t mean Vince is not all heart, love, kindness, and sensitivity. Trust. Vince has one of the best hearts we know.  Do you have a Heavy Metal Heart©?  We know you do. Wear and display it proudly and let the world know that it is a Heavy Metal Heart© that beats deep within you.
“I swear my never-ending love to you. Lord, it's true a never-ending love to you.
I do it for you. Love, my never-ending love for you.”

“Skylar’s Song”© - Written by Vince Neil© - In Memoriam of Skylar Neil

With Heavy Metal Love© - Brian & Steven Fox, Rain Hannah & of course, Vince Neil©!