Heavy Metal Harry's First Gig© - Featuring Vince Neil

Heavy Metal Harry's First Gig© - Featuring Vince Neil

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Please expect a Mid-April Arrival Time for this book due to Covid-19 Shipping Restrictions from the UK.  This message will be updated once we receive an update from the publisher themselves.  The books on order may arrive sooner.  We are terribly sorry, but we cannot control the pandemic. Peace and Health - B. Fox

Heavy Metal Harry's First Gig - Featuring Super Star Vince Neil

Harry has his first school talent show, and he's really nervous. He has been practicing his guitar for weeks with his pal, Socks! On the way to the performance, they meet legendary rocker, Vince Neil! Vince gives Harry advice on how to perform on stage and make it Red Hot!

The second in a series of books, Heavy Metal Harry, gives children hope in the serendipity of life. You never know who you are going to meet, and sometimes you might meet someone extraordinary that is a mentor to you, just from the kindness of their heart.

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