Heavy Metal Heart© Black, Leather, White, Stitched Cuff

Heavy Metal Heart© Black, Leather, White, Stitched Cuff

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This black, leather, white, stitched cuff is artisan designed and handmade. We have taken our passion for jewelry and designed a unique piece of excellent quality, that is very affordable for you, our truly valued H2N© Clients and Vince Neil© Fans. This piece can either be worn as a stand-alone statement piece or layered with the other pieces from our jewelry collections to create your own unique style. Make your own Rock 'n' Roll statement by creating a group of your favorite bracelets in different colors, textures, and styles blended together to speak visually about you and your passion for music and style.


Create your own unique, jewelry mix that shows your Heavy Metal Heart© and share a picture of you wearing it on either our H2N Cloud Shop© Facebook or Instagram Page and tag it #MyHeavyMetalHeart or #MyHMH.


This bracelet 8 1/2 in length, 1 1/2 width. It is comfortable to wear on any 6’’ to 8 1/2’’ wrist.


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