Poppy & Love Birds Jewelry Holder

Poppy & Love Birds Jewelry Holder

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A great mentor of mine at L'Oreal in NYC - Ms. Marian Walsh was as close as anyone at L'Oreal in the USA could come to having the role of the Queen of L'Oreal.  Revered by all of us as kin to Queen Elizabeth II of The United Kingdom she had worked at the company for 40 years by 1990 and lived in a New York City Hotel Suite her entire adult life.  Ms. Marion had two positions - one as lead overseer of Consumer Testing at 575 Fifth Avenue, but more importantly as the Employee Etiquette Critic.  She strongly, but lovingly kept the decorum, propriety, and the formal requirements governing our behavior as style and marketing representatives of L'Oreal in the United States and around the world in check.  Needless to say, the world has changed a lot since then!  One of Ms. Marian's sage pieces of advice is that a lady or a gentleman always removes their make-up and jewelry at night before bed. Yes, of course, I wore make-up even then, I started at the age of eleven.  This charming Poppy & Love Birds Jewelry Holder makes me think of my mentor and GF - Ms. Marian Walsh all the time. Love you, Ms. Marian.  Hope your shopping that big Bergdorf Goodman in the sky!

This must-have Poppy & Love Birds Jewelry Holder is 1.75" H x 4.25" W x 4.25" L in dimensions.


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